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“Penengro” is an exciting story set in Ireland about a young orphan, Rory, who runs away from a difficult home, and meets and then lives with a group of gypsies. This book was close to the heart of the author, Hilda van Stockum, as she always sympathized with the outsiders in life.

The Mitchells: Five for Victory (Mitchells Series) by Hilda Van Stockum. $13.95. Publication: October 1995. Publisher: Ignatius Pr (October 1995). Series - Mitchells Series (Book 1). Follows the adventures of the five Mitchell children living with their mother and grandmother in Washington D.C. while their father is away fighting in World War II. Show more Show less

The Singing Tree-Kate Seredy When reading her lovely descriptions it's hard to believe that Ms. Seredy was not a native English speaker. In fact, she was writing in her second language - her first being Hungarian.

The Provost's Jewel - Elisabeth Kyle - This is still one of my favorite books:) I read it when I was about 10 or 11. It's got "everything"- Mystery, travel, logic, scotland, etc..:)