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That is why I'm worried if I get an apartment when I'm older and share it with someone they will bring people over and I will come through and re-inact disney movies

34 Pics To Make You Happier In Case You're Having A Bad Day
from 9GAG

34 Pics To Make You Happier In Case You're Having A Bad Day

❝je t'aime❞

I'm so glad you called, I almost started to clean the house!

I just really hope 5sos can one day have some peace and be really happy in their lives. And to get past all this drama going on, they need to love who they want and make their own decisions. I really don't believe all of these things being said and if I'm being naïve then fine, I'd rather be loyal than leave at the wrong time. If anyone is going through a rough time, hang in there and it'll be okay. People care for you and God is always there, stay blessed. :)

No dogs. No bicycles. No swimming. Watch me! I make my own rules. How to be a Rebel: A complete guide to Non-violent, Non-cooperation rebelion. Part 1


Dormir, um bem necessário...

Do you guys ever have something you need to get off your chest, or something from your day that just made or break your day? Share your stories on my new board, your good, bad, cute, dumb, scary, mad, funny, or any stories you want:) Ask for an invite below, but please MAKE SURE YOU'RE FOLLOWING ME or else Pinterest won't let me invite you!! Once you're on the board, invite anyone you want:)



Some weekend motivation from Karma Athletics! time to sweat off the stress of the week!


That moment when you die inside…

I had that. I befriended a new girl and my bestie was ignoring her and then the one day I'm absent they have this huge bonding moment and spread havoc through out the school. Then I try to be the mature one among them (it's not really hard) and be the party pooper. I swear they'll get themselves killed someday...