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If your hair is fine, this pixie haircut with punk rock attitude is for you. Lots of layers throughout the entire cut will give your hair plenty of lift and volume. And the short, messy bangs will give you a playful, youthful look. You can blow-dry this style so it’s smooth, or you can simply work in some styling paste, lift and arrange your hair with your hands and let it dry naturally.

40 Picture-Perfect Hairstyles for Long Thin Hair

french knot hairstyle for long fine hair #3: French Retro Knot The charming retro knot with a modern twist is a good idea of a classy updo for thin hair. Shape your locks into loose curls with a curling iron and let some of them fall out of the knot nonchalantly and sexily. Note that light backcombing always helps to enhance volume.

The blonde with more bottle: Why 70s pop goddess Debbie Harry still rocks

Debbie Harry 66. (Blondie) ...This looks like Mariska's (blue dress) 'do, but just swept back with some lift.

bob-hairstyle-for-trends-summer-hair1 Love this hairstyle my next haircut. I need some freshness.

The 7 things I wish I knew before cutting my thin, fine hair

10 Tricks to Make Fine Hair Look Thicker

If there is some sort of garden centre/botanical garden that we could ask to go to, we could do some cool greenery/flowery shots but more fine-art than high fashion with a lot of postproduction

Pinned back and up with some of the back simply hanging down. This is a lovely half updo hairstyle. Works well with thin hair as well.

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