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STC 52 Gallon Rain Barrel
Collect up to 10 gallons of water per inch of rain with Rainsaucers’ latest standalone rainwater catchment $75
530 water storage to incorporate into water line, est. $950
Collapsible Rain Barrel-74 Gallon - Improvements by Improvements. $49.99. Overflow tap can be used to connect two rainwater barrels together. This portable Rain Barrel has a two-way zippered top for easy access. At the end of the season, the Rain Barrel folds flat for easy storage. Collapsible Rain Barrel collects runoff water from your downspout and stores it for later use in your garden. Collapsible Rain Barrel collects runoff water from your downspout and st...
I like unique rain barrels.  I particularly like ones with taps above as well as below.
55 Gallon capacity rain barrel w/sturdy brass spigot.Column shape adds style to your rain harvesting.Self draining planter top.Mesh screen blocks debris and insects.Flat back design sits tightly against any outside wall.Routed channel diverts excess water to the front of the barrel.1 year limited warranty.Free Standard Shipping!Dimensions: 21" L x 21" W x 41" H. Price $154.99
Connecting Rain Barrels For Extra Water Harvesting ***check with your city, some cities have water collecting restrictions...only know this because ours does : (
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A $10 Barrel Becomes 24 Different Creative And Ingenious Things
67 Gallon ECO-67 Wooden Rain Barrel