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Tae lives upside down, hobi with the horses, Suga in a deep dark house, kookie in his fav shoe house , etc

I imagine this is what they are like in the Garrison --- Athos goes from worried to withering in about .9 of a second


10 Incredibly Helpful Hacks That'll Help You Survive the First Day of School

We hate to be the bearers of bad news, but the first day of school is coming up sooner than you’d like. We know, we know — where the heck did summer go?! But while you wish you could do everything in your power to postpone the time that you have to resume waking up early, doing homework, etc., the fact is you can’t, and that’s why you should take steps to make the inevitable moment better than ever before! Check out the following hacks, tips and tricks that’ll help you prepare for your 1st…

I'm so proud of BTS! They work so hard everyday to think and write new songs for us and practicing choreography and their singing/rapping and trying to make ARMY's happy! They deserve every award and applause they get because these beautiful people are so talented and amazing at what they do! When they are happy it makes me happy and when they cry on stage it also makes me happy because that's showing me that they are so grateful and thankful for all they love and support they are getting…