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▶ Hitachi Interactive Projector Demonstration - YouTube

school menu templates instructions guide, school menu templates service manual guide and maintenance manual guide on your products.

Ricoh Ultra short throw projectors and applications - YouTube

Domenic gives an overview of the Ricoh Ultra Short Throw Projector as a projector and as an interactive whiteboard and how to use the Ricoh Smart Presenter t.

BenQ interactive projector MP780 ST = short throw projector and pen= write on screen from far away = free programs = works with office and pdf = PointDraw.wmv

See how BenQ's interactive projector ST turns Emily, a young teacher's life around completely! With the ever so magical PointDraw pen and ST teac.

Sony Intros Interactive Ultra Short Throw Projector, = uses ebeam to make it interactive  =  ProAV... GovComm 2011:

GovComm Sony Intros New Ultra Short Throw Projector with eBeam Interactive Technology and Lens Shift, New ProAV Install Projectors

Making your own Interactive Whiteboard (part 1 of 4) - YouTube

As part of the ELTAS Tech Tool Day (Stuttgart, Germany), Mike Hogan explains how to make your own low-cost interactive whiteboard and demonstrates how it can.

Interactive projector: an alternative to a smartboard

Interactive projectors bring the features of smart whiteboards with portability and lower cost.

Introduction to the Dell S300wi Interactive Projector

Introduction to the Dell S300wi Interactive Projector

epson short throw interactive projector = EB-450Wi interactive projector from EPSON

interactive projector, interactive pen, interactive teaching on any surface! Ultra short throw projector, no shadows on the screen!

Ricoh Ultra Short Throw Projectors = used with e-beam as whiteboard = digital signage = i-pad projector

Meet the world's smallest and lightest projector! The Ricoh Ultra Short Throw Projector only needs cm of space to project on a wall, provides excellent .

eBeam by Luidia Introduction - Education

A portable interactive whiteboard -- see how groundbreaking eBeam technology transforms any flat surface into a lively interactive workspace.