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It's a fact that anywhere in Texas you can yell. " The stars at night are big and bright".and random strangers will finish your sentence.

You know you're a Texan when...  You know people who keep guns in their truck at all times

n my dad's one of them lol Cuz n Texas, ur vehicle is an extension of ur home so u don't need a concealed gun license to keep one hidden (or on a gun rack lol) n ur vehicle.

Y'all.  #fitnessjourney #weightwatchers #hardworkpaysoff

I love my Texas food.chips & queso are my weakness! On your cheat days don't feel guilty.thats what Fatfighter is for! Take a Fatfighter after your meal and let it block those carbs and fats!

Yep. I love pecan "puh-khan" pie.  I cringe when I hear people say "peee-can"!

Ok it isn't really Nardy but I don't have a board for Texan. LOL I was raised by a Texan. Of COURSE it's puh-con, because who wants to eat a PEE can?