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Photo "Toyboxracers" by Masher Great idea to try!

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Frankenstein's Monster

Word War I German solders

I admire Zachary Quinto for his acting skills in "Star Trek," his political views (check out him starring on Bill Masher's show,) and his eyebrows.

The Stepford wife workout! Vintage photos of 'perfect' Fifties wives exercising WHILE cleaning (but is this the most sexist keep-fit programme EVER?)

Who needs a skipping rope or an aerobics step when you can improvise with a potato masher?

Soviet Partisan. Soviet Partisan. His rifle has its M1891/30 spike bayonet attached, but hanging from his belt he has an additional knife-bayonet, judging by the shape, most probably for the Polish WZ.24 Mauser rifle and Grenade is a German "potato masher" type. Being on the receiving end of Elite fighting forces like the SS and Wehrmacht is a scary thought as well.