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Leo's Pad Appisode 1 ($0.00) Leo’s Pad puts your child in the middle of adventures with lovable characters and then gets them interacting with story-relevant learning material when engagement is at its peak—a perfect time for children to develop age-appropriate cognitive, academic, social/emotional, and physical/sensory skills. Even better, the games in Leo’s Pad adapt to give your child an optimal playing and learning experience.

Starring You StoryBooks ($0.00 for app plus one free book, additional books 1.99-4.99 via in=app purchase) Can create personalized story books that feature your child’s face and name. Your child will be enthralled by the great stories, colorful art, and awesome animations.

Smarty: kids education ($0.00) designed for kids who have just started exploring the world around them. The game is designed for users aged between 1 and 4. This colourful application will help to enlarge your child’s vocabulary, and the game will help to boost your child’s memory and attention. Pretty brightly-coloured pictures will keep your child interested and won’t let him/her be indifferent to the learning process.

What Does Not Belong? ($0.00) For each question, your child will see five pictures appear on the screen, one of which does not fit with the others. The child advances to the next question by dragging the picture that does not belong into the trash can in the lower left corner. To improve vocabulary and word retrieval, encourage your child to look carefully at the choices first. Then, ask your child to say the name of each picture. is a fun way to build vocabulary and classification skills.

Turn To Read 1: Interactive Learning ($0.00) Help your Child Learn to Read with Turn to Read: The app that lets your child see, hear, touch, and learn words of all kinds. Turn to Read shows and says each word then lets your child turn the item around, making reading as natural as talking or seeing. 12 High Definition Interactive Images and Words. - The 360 degree turn around images let your child touch and explore Fully Voiced

What’s Diff 1 (What’s different 1) - ($0.00) Finding out about the odd one out. Enhance your child’s cognitive, language and visual perception skills, in particular visual differentiation skills. In What's Diff 1, the image differs due to a bold visual difference (for example, color, placing, family, etc). The game is designed for children aged 3+

You’re the Storyteller: The Surprise (Home Edition) HD ($0.00 free for now, normally 3.99) In this beautifully animated, wordless story, the child watches each scene and can then record and/or write their very own narration! HOME version- for a single user only. Wordless picture book. There are 8 chapters in this story. Each chapter’s animation clips runs an average of 15 seconds, allowing the child to describe and retell the story in small increments.

Kid's IQ ($0.00) designed to develop and enhance children I.Q. It uses innovative way to teach your child to read, listen and match words with pictures. Kid's I.Q is designed to enable a child to learn and recognize the different objects, sounds,Colors, Alphabet and Numbers. The application is designed to increase the intelligence and knowledge of children in a playful fun way along with enhancing vocabulary. This app is best for pre-school and kindergarten children.

Giant Picture Dictionary ($0.00) Designed for a child to use by himself, it is easy to operate, read and understand. Easy to browse interface with simple touch gestures & easy search option helps the child to find words of interest for homework or vocabulary. Over 1800 basic words with pictures not only attract the attention of the child but greatly expand the meaning of the words. Colorful pictures stimulates the child's interest in using the app and increase vocabulary.

Abigail and The Balance Beam ($0.00 with option to purchase interactive toy from Hallmark) Abigail and the Balance Beam is the sweet story of an acrobatic bunny who just couldn't wait to grow up. Little ones will have a blast hearing this story as the narrator reads to them, page by animated page. This app also includes a kid-friendly puzzle and an interactive game that lets your child play dress-up with Abigail.