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Cummings: We must move beyond Confederate flag


The real Confederate Flag, not the Flag of the Army of Northern Virginia. Know your history, people!

Confederate flag made from pallet wood

Confederate flag made from pallet wood.im doing this just because of the political crap going on

You call me racist cause I wear the confederate flag. I call you stupid for not knowing the truth behind it.

You call me racist cause I wear the confederate flag. I call you stupid for not knowing the truth behind it. Go to school, get an education and maybe you won't get offended by everything you "think" you know about.

So the confederate flag offends people! spendin my tax dollars to pay the offended peoples bills, food, and rent offends me!

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Why,should we ban the Coca-Cola brand! It's,American Asshole Liberal!

Also that what they fought for was fucked up and they were ashamed of it.

also the amount of irony when people raise confederate flags and says it’s their right as an AMERICAN citizen, it is, but really.

Nathan Bedford Forrest ;  a man who we need to re-examine/re-educate ourselves on before tearing down his statues.

Political changes looming for America during a Trump Administration. From progressive liberalism to a new Nationalism.

Article from the Huffington Post that is against the Confederate flag. It states, "people should stop pretending it is not a symbol of racism." -Baodan C.

Let's Stop Pretending the Confederate Flag Isn't a Symbol of Racism

this photo is referring to Germans changing there flag by removing the swastika but the confederate flag still being used by Americans. This flag represents a nation, quite literally formed under the sole pretext of being racist and enslaving blacks.