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15 Concepts and Solutions for Providing Clean Drinking Water

from TreeHugger

7 Ways Technology Will Provide Water for the World

Smart water meters go well beyond the capabilities of the basic meter on the side of your house. Monitor water usage more accurately, and only pay for water you actually use.

from BBC News

Eight radical solutions for the water shortage

With hosepipe bans imminent, there is growing concern over drought. But with population rising, how can a water crisis be averted?

Beyond Big Dams: Turning to Grass Roots Solutions on Water

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Reefs could be replenished with electric oysters

Okay, so the oysters aren't really electric, but researchers have discovered that using electrically-charged sea water can help grow oyster reefs.

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Is it Safe to Drink? New App Guides Travelers in Tap Water Choices

New app guides travelers in tap water choices

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Nano-Engineered Glass "Sponge" Could Clean Up Oil and Gas Wastewater

Sendo esse nosso presente... Como será o futuro?

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2 Million Computers to Study Effects of Human Activity on Watersheds

Computing for Sustainable Water Project Uses 2 Million Computers to Study Effects of Human Activity on Watersheds

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The state of water in America? It sucks, says activitst Whitworth

Joe Whitworth is a freshwater conservation geek. That doesn't mean he can't see that eco-activism is a failed business. He's also committed to massive eco-change.

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Californians can poke their water utility for instant access to daily water usage

This app capitalizes on our smartphone addiction in order to help us reduce and track our water use, as well as get alerts on peak use and possible leaks.