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Tesla has made a big leap forward, pushing a huge update to its Model S and Model X electric vehicles that makes them semi-autonomous cars. The system, according to the announcement, is a nearly hands-free driving system.

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Tesla's $5bn Gigafactory looks even cooler than expected, will create 22,000 jobs

Tesla's $5bn Gigafactory looks even cooler than expected, will create 22,000 jobs, Michael Graham 9/5/14 Richard Tesla battery Gigafactory in Nevada

Claudia Mitchell - first woman to have a bionic arm - a prosthetic limb that she controls with her mind.

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Tesla Starts Shipping “Signature Series” Model X Cars To Customers

A handful of Tesla customers got early Christmas presents: their long awaited Model X cars.


Here’s A Bright Idea: GravityLight Generates Light Without Electricity

Light through gravity - always: Just put a weght on your #Gravitylight | Licht Dank Gravitation übverall und immer - ein Gewicht anhängen genügt (3kg sind 25 Minuten Licht)

–iC is face-tracking hexapod (six-legged) robot that can spot people's faces in a crowd, follow them around, interact with them and capture their image.

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Honda Releases Hydrogen-Powered Car, Elon Musk Calls the Technology 'Bullsh*t'

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Vivek Wadhwa: The Future is Bright... If We're Cautious

Vivek Wadhwa explains why he's both optimistic and pessimistic about the inevitable change that will come about by way of technological advancement.

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Is Intelligence a Burden on Making Good Life Decisions?