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Virginia Living Museum Loggerhead Sea Turtle - RELEASING ABBY: VLM Aquarium Curator, Chris Crippen captured this underwater video of "Abby" being released on 10/17/13 20 miles off shore of the North Carolina Aquarium in Pine Knoll Shores. The turtle was tagged along with other turtles from other aquariums. "Abby" was the biggest weighing over 190 pounds. If all goes well we should be able to track the turtle as it migrates south ~ just search for ABBY

Newport News VA: An Ironclad Getaway

Cleaning the Sea Turtle Tank at Virginia Living Museum, Newport News VA

Please vote for Greg Mangum!...Vote for the Boardwalk Art Show 2015 Featured Artist | Virginia Museum of Contemporary Art

Exploring Local Wildlife at the Virginia Living Museum

What to do in Newport News, VA with kids: Visit the VA Living Museum

Footprints in the Sand (Beach Canvas

I found this awesome pin on Pinterest! It looks like an art studio painted white canvases and made a beach theme, painting beautiful water and sand. The kids painted their feet with brown paint and stamped it in the sand…how cool for a summer keepsake! I can just imagine younger kids doing it and having baby …