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Exo Memes "OLÉ D.O says :3"

Kyungsoo kpop macro All he needs is his black and white tango shirt haha

Super Junior Eunhyuk

10 Magnificent times Korean celebrities posed with their own cardboard cutouts

“EXO | text posts“ ↳ Kyungsoo” ”

It's Kyungsoo's birthday in Korea today so yeah happy B-Day

the face i make when I see what some people wear

That ain't cute says Kris. EXO Hahahahahaha but kris, your face.

I laughed for such a long time.. Oh Chanyeol, you're so innocent.

Don't worry chanyeol you won't be going into the shredder . My baby looked so shocked, he's so cute and fluffy I

Lay the healing unicorn and Chanyeol....just Chanyeol staring.... they make their appearance

D.O the explorer!

Lay the healing unicorn and Chanyeol.just Chanyeol staring. they make their appearance