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Fun with statues. la foto 4. yo lo conozco, es un parque que se encuentra en Holanda, cuando las personas pasan por delante de la inmensidad de estatuillas como esta, se activa un mecanismo y sele una voz diciendo "papier here", "papeles aquí" una muy, pero que muy original forma de hacer que la gente bote los papeles en su sitio. claro que este quiso hacer "LA FOTO" y lo logró

Here are some people who are having way too much fun with statues. The Abe Lincoln one is so wrong but hilarious!

Kia's Dark Business Practices.  This one's for Shrek. (Sorry, inside joke)

Kia’s Dark Business Practices

Funny pictures about Kia's Dark Business Practices. Oh, and cool pics about Kia's Dark Business Practices. Also, Kia's Dark Business Practices photos.

Everything lime green is evil [and any purple undertones, pure evil magic juju]...and Dreamworks too.

Everything lime green is evil.

Funny pictures about Stay Away From Lime Green. Oh, and cool pics about Stay Away From Lime Green. Also, Stay Away From Lime Green photos.

I think the last word has finally been said.

The 32 Best New Memes Of 2012

This is how dumb body shaming is. <--- it's body shaming when you're naturally thin, not when you're clearly starving yourself for a beauty ideal. Insinuating that narcissism is evolution is also fucking stupid.

When a man is in charge… This is happening next year when we do bag corn.

popcorn seeds, butter sponges, and snowman poop. can we take a moment for him.

Should you eat that bacon? (Flowchart)

Flowchart: Should you eat that bacon? "Bacon will turn you into a true warrior.

I Hate These Messages

Funny pictures about Dealing with Spammers. Oh, and cool pics about Dealing with Spammers. Also, Dealing with Spammers.