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Math Counts: cool math club for middle school students. I've been thinking of using it for our co-op. It's set up to use as a weekly cooperative math puzzle session.

180 Daily Middle School Word Problems

Start a Problem of the Day program in your school with 180 daily middle school common core aligned word problems! Includes problems in printable form as well as powerpoint form! $12

First Week Of School Activities

First Week Of School Activities... I like the idea of classmates interviewing each other. I don't think I would do this on the FIRST day... but maybe later in the week. Could use with demonstrating effective communication skills

Common Core Math Problem Solving

Common Core Math Problem Solving - Blog post by Laura Candler on how to incorporate the Common Core Standards for Mathematical Practices

Student-led Conference Activity for Middle School

Student-led Conferences: I would definitely consider using this if I am teaching middle school because it can guide students to set goals and help motivate them. I could alter the requirements on this so it could fit for high school students as well.