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Coffin - Ghana

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Unusual coffins of the Ga-Adangbe of the West African nation of Ghana. These elaborate coffins are usually crafted to reflect an essence of the deceased, in forms such as a character trait, an occupation, or a symbol of one's standing in the community.

Coffins made in Ghana.

Designer Olaf Breuning commissioned an awesome series of cartoonish coffins to be created by Ghanaian casket makers. Here you see wickedly anthropomorphic popsicle, snowman, and chocolate bar coffins.

Des étonnants cercueils customisés au Ghana

Des étonnants cercueils customisés au Ghana

Fantasy coffin: Functional Coffin Art from Ghana

Ghana Coffins

35 Creative Coffins From Ghana

coffin display

Kane Kwei Carpentry workshop set a tradition of creating fancy coffins that resemble one's occupation or interest during his life - a coffin can look like a gun, shoe, snail, coca-cola bottle, a snowman and what not.

These fantasy coffins are called Abebuu Adekai, or "boxes of proverbs", by Ga people who were the original people in Ghana to utilize such extravagant coffins. Description from easytrackghana.com. I searched for this on bing.com/images

This coffin in Ghana is custom made for a teacher to look like a Bic inkpen.


Community Post: 35 Creative Coffins From Ghana

A brightly-coloured wooden eagle is just one of the many unusual, novelty designs rustled up by a coffin maker in Ghana

Coffins from Ghana

SHUNNING the traditional idea of a sorrow-filled funeral when saying goodbye to loved ones, a West African tribe has taken to doing the complete opposite - and having a full-blown celebration instead.