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LOL! :D <--- I'm fairly certain he would crack first. I quite enjoy staring into those gorgeous eyes without blinking. ;)<< he's such a cutie pie!

SnK fandom r u ok>>>>> in case you havent quite guessed yet WER ARE NOT OKAY WE NEED THE 2ND FLIPPIN SEASON AKFDKSKSKSLSUSHDNCKIRBDNDKKXNDJDODNWOAPAMZJSOOSHSJSKZK-*@¥@(#&&&#*-;#€'€÷;JZKSKZJUjJxjzjs8wiwodjdj

wow ~ entry into a clandestine spaces can Vary, including pulling off the homeowner’s favorite book from a shelf, touching the right spot on a wall, even having to play the right series of notes on a piano or moving chess pieces in the right order to get a wall to move - Quite James Bond-y.

Community Post: Joker Ollies Batman

to lock yourself in your closet for weak trying to get that voice man is talented,.but it' can f** with your head being so dark,. i loved him alot ,.!!! one of the best that came out of hollywood in a long time,. rip ,. man he was so sexy and handsom,...

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12 Halloween Costume Ideas For Really Lazy People

Scaring your pet with a costume dedicated to your pet: you're doing it right? | See more fun videos here: