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People are so misinformed about lean finely textured beef (NOT pink slime). This product is NOT the result of an entire animal being processed, it's simply the meat that has been separated from the fat using technology that's been around for decades. This technology has prevented lean meat from being wasted. This post is offensive to anyone involved in the ag industry.

Wade Wilson/Deadpool/Hulkpool/Hobgoblin VI/Powers-Regenerative Healing, Superhuman Agility, Reflexes, Flexibility, and Stamina, Teleportation and Disguise Device, Magic Satchel, Longevity, Immune to Telepathy, Master Martial Artist, Swordsman, and Marksman, Goblin Themed Weapons, Superb Assassin, Speaks Multiple Languages, Twin Machine Guns, Two Samurai Swords, Grenades

LMAO DEAD. Happened all the time at Peet's- then they would order 4 lattes and 2 brewed coffees, all which have to be made on machines that are pretty much shut down. So funny

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