Explore Plastic Easter Eggs, Number Recognition, and more!

Matching digits with dots-Students can put together the egg once match is made for fine motor skill development, or as an adaptation, students can place the egg on top as a "hat". Students build fine motor control, number recognition, counting, etc.

Plastic Eggs left from the past Easter Weekend? ReUse them and create an educational game for your kids of number recognition and number matching! Very good for developing several skills with your .


This website has a lot of great, fun and creative ideas to help students practice place value. My favorite is the ice cream cones. Students get to build ice cream cones but matching the numbers and different ways to write the numbers.

Find the Chick Easter 1-20 Number Recognition Game Egg Activity

Number Recognition Game Spring Early Learning Math

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Have fun developing fine motor skills balancing marbles on golf tees in pieces of foam. Pink and Green Mama: Preschool At Home: Marbles and Golf Tee Game