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hatever you feel like you lack, God has already paid for it in full and has freely given to you. It's in you and the great discourager is doing his best to convince you that you do not have what you need. The problem is with us and what we are focused on and attach a sense of lack to.

For when you are tempted today: "My cravings are real but my God satisfies me most." Amen? ‪#‎freedom‬

What is God calling you to do? Do you know that you have a unique purpose that only you can fulfill? If you hear Him calling loud and clear, don't delay. LOVE>fear.

God's desire for us to holy and whole. They exist TOGETHER! The more holy we become and the more we commit to God's way, the more whole we will be. - Weigh Less to Feed More

Dear discouraged one, The spirit of discouragement does not come from me. I have made you light and free. Whatever is getting you down is trying to take up residency in your heart. I live in your heart. There will be less room for me if you allow this this stranger in. In my name, it must go. Speak out my name and your soul will rise. Your wings will spread and you will be free to fly back to me, where you are already seated with me in the heavenly places.

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