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Shooting For Gold by Bart Forbes  www.fineartlimited.com

Shooting For Gold by Bart Forbes

Hideaway by Lori Preusch

Hideaway by Lori Preusch. This whimsical image portrays a young boy perched atop a tree with a leopard resting next to him.

Toujours Cointreau by Guy Buffet

Toujours Cointreau by Guy Buffet. This image portrays two gentlemen enjoying a drink and each others company.

Impressionist by Hiro Yamagata.

made by: Hiro Yamagata , 'Impressionists' - painting, 1984

L'Escargot by Bruce Bomberger

L'Escargot by Bruce Bomberger. This traditional print shows a very realistic and idealistic scene where an old woman is talking with a police officer.

Guy Buffet - Cafe

Guy Buffet - Cafe

St. Charles by Mikhailov Vitali

Charles by Mikhailov Vitaly (Vitali). In this landscape print Vitali has chosen to represent St. Charles by using many different colors to showcase the…

Guy Buffet - French Painter, Sculptor, Illustrator - Fine Art Limited

Guy Buffet Works of Art at Fine Art Limited. Buffet was commissioned by the Salt Lake Olympic Committee to create the Fun of the Olympic Games.

Cafe La Provence by Guy Buffet

Cafe La Provence by Guy Buffet. This image shows Cafe La Provence and its patrons enjoying the day.