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Snow and ice make China's Mount Hua pilgrimage especially dangerous

China's Mount Hua -The Plank Walk, the most famous, & dangerous, trek on Hua, joins the north & south peaks. A more benign, alternative trail has been opened but many continue to test their courage & luck by hugging the sheer rock. (image: Aaron D Feen/Flickr)

People view rape completely differently to any other crime - THE VICTIM IS NOT TO BLAME!

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FLAWLESS CORAL & FAUX GOLD by Monika Strigel iPhone 6

Concorde: Mach 2 Over the Atlantic Ocean The E Type of Aviation. a) The Coolest Civilian Airliner ever made. b) The only Civilian Airliner to use afterburners. c) Designed by brilliant engineers who wern't afraid to think outside the box. d) Years ahead of it's time. e) Conceptually destroyed by governments and the the desire to make money, over the desire to push the boundaries of aeronautical science.

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Summer Camp Crafts

DIY Wire Wrapped Masculine Nail Cross (Inspiration Only. No Pattern or Instructions.)

hilaryflorido: Log Date 7 15 2! This Friday! At 5:30pm on CN! End of the Steven Bomb! Yeah! (P.S. sorry this promo is a little wonky. i didn’t want to skip making one but time was money and i was on a tight budget.)

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10 Mistakes new bloggers always make (and how to fix them)

It's tough love, I know, but somebody needs to crack the whip around here. Quit making these newbie mistakes and I guarantee that you'll not only see a jump in traffic, but enjoy blogging a whole lot more.

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Online Income Report for March

Learn how this blogger makes a full time income while working part time on her blog. She's sharing how she earns all of her income and breaks down each category. If you want to make more money, learn how blogging is a great side hustle!