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Improving the Weather Report for Solar and Wind

▶ False Flag Attacks by the U.S, United States and it's central banks involved in interest of natural gas, oil, money,'s not about saving people of Ukraine from Russia. Ukraine appointed a central banker with ties to US. (US is not the good guys) Media reports false info about Russia

World Drug Report Reveals The Staggering Extent Of North America's Meth Problem

World Drug Report Reveals The Staggering Extent Of North America's Meth Problem - Breaking Bad Style!

Dressage Lesson # 3. It’s About Time. Dressage takes time. Learning takes time – lots and lots of time. Setting goals and time lines is helpful, but you must be prepared to move the goal posts and certainly not stress about it.

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“They made it crystal clear that the ask was from Hillary”: Inside the Clinton fundraising machine — as secretary of state | | "Sometimes in D.C., the crime is what's legal: Inside the massive Clinton fundraising operation at State"