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Reef McIntosh, slicing Tahitian glass. Photo: #ToddGlaser #Surfer #SurferPhotos

Surfer - Tahiti plays host to surfers from all over the world for a solid swell. Here's one from inside the crystal clear blue waters,

Test how much you really know about surfing!

What's Your Surfing IQ?

Waves are for surfing what notes are for a piece of music. What many people come to discover from experience is that there are several types of surfing waves,


aspworldtour: Start your weekend with some vision Photo

SURF'S UP! Turn your next BBQ into a beach party! Check out our party tips, recipes, and ideas and a chance to win a trip to Hawaii!

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This is what I want to learn to do! I want the puppy too=) Paddleboarding

Padang X 2

CARVE Surfing Magazine - Mustofa on the foam ball at Padang - Rip Curl Cup Trials Photo Mick Curley


2014 Hot 100 Excerpt

Koa Smith, getting the barrel of a lifetime at a wave that can easily hand you the beating of a lifetime. Koa and brother Alex, of Last Name First, are.