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Dando los toques finales a los Cupcakes

Baked Churros

Oven Baked Churro Recipe, an easier & healthier way to make Churros. I love making/eating churros but I hate frying them, if your like me you should give this baked version a try.

'Death by chocolate' plot to kill Sir Winston Churchill

A Nazi plot to kill Sir Winston Churchill with a bar of exploding chocolate during the Second World War has been revealed in historic papers. Giving a new meaning to the dessert name “death by chocolate”, Adolf Hitler’s bomb makers coated explosive devices with a thin layer of rich dark chocolate, then packaged it in expensive-looking black and gold paper.

Lakrids Silver 2016 Liquorice Christmas Decoration

Lakrids by Johan Bülow's . 2016 seasonal confectionery delights in Silver. Dressed to impress,silver flavour is dark chocolate with peppermint coated liquorice. The freshness of the peppermint, the delicious intensity of the dark chocolate and the ability of the liquorice to unite these flavours give a perfect bite. in a decoratiive 72 gram ball, Dark chocolate and mint is the perfect combination for a delicious treat. The 2016 Silver edition is a single Christmas Hanging Ball Decoration…

A delicious collection of artisan confectionery, handmade in the old-fashioned way. Much more than just a box of chocolates, these unique sweets are very much for adults. We feel no remorse about imprisoning real fruits and nuts inside sugar-spun shells. It was a good (although sticky) end, give them a try and you’ll see what we mean. We have picked the finest cherries, almonds, apricots and lemons, and turned them into the something special; using traditional artisan methods…

Scottish Macaroon Snowballs

Scottish Macaroon Snowballs. The perfect Christmas treat to share or give as a gift with one very surprising ingredient.

Mesmerizing Cakes With a Mirrored Glaze Resemble Pieces of Polished Marble

Olga Noskova creates cakes with a special glaze that makes confectionery surfaces appear flawlessly smooth and glossy. She's calling this cake decorating technique—"Mirror Glaze." We can't wait to give this a try!

Easy Homemade Divinity Candy

This Easy Homemade Divinity Candy is fantastic and so great for the holidays! Chewy, soft, melt-in-your-mouth candy that's a cross between nougat and fudge with vanilla and pecans. A must-make recipe!