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The Motherfucking Pterodactyl   Sarah Donner and The Oatmeal

The Motherfucking Pterodactyl Sarah Donner and The Oatmeal

Cyanide and happiness

Post with 176 votes and 16074 views. Shared by One of my fav CaH comics

#girlcode Couldn't agree more.

Being a girl is one thing, but being a Kardashian is another. The cast of MTV’s hit show Girl Code is here to tell us that we share the same problems — unless it involves having too much fame and money. then that's just the Kardashians.

Hilarious Pictures of the week, 99 images. I'll Text A Girl ... She'll Text Me Back Right Away ...

Texting, I'll text a girl. She'll text me back right away. I'll text her back right away. she'll text me back right away. Story of my life

Boom, boom, BOOM, boom! Reality hits you hard, bro: Philosophical minds of the 21st century.

Reality Hits You Hard Bro (Original) After a near-death-experience, Arizona citizen and realist George Lindell sings a rousing ode to the constant, yet oft f.

bc im a funny kid. and sometimes they just don't get it;)

For real . "That awkward moment when your parents don't appreciate the HILARIOUS child they have." This was my childhood.

And Now, a Word From Our Sponsors (Code Geass, etc. AMV) (Hilarious!)

This video was made to premiere in the AMV contests at Anime Expo and Japan Expo International, both over the July 4 weekend of The main reason I'm upl.

catholic meeting

Catholic Meeting Today: Five minutes in, Colin suddenly realized he had misread the sign. Catholic versus cat-holic: Why punctuation matters.


Atheist Eve, written by Tracy Harris. Religious people are the ones claiming to *know* that god exists and that it created the universe.