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Words to Live By

"If you can't say nothing nice, don't say nothing at all" - disney quotes - oh poor Thumper, i have a cuddly i was bought for easter one year because i was obsessed with Bambi

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TheMotivatedType on Etsy

I am so clever that sometimes i dont understand a single word I am saying. Oscar Wilde

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Valentine's Day: 20 Funny Quotes To Share With Your Loved One

Love is something that when you feel it, you know it. God is love. He shows us the way. I don't have to be smart to know that. It is something we all have in our heart. We can rationalize why God is not love. But, we know it in our heart!! Love is the…

Boys, if you ask a girl who she likes and she says "oh nobody" 1% are telling the truth, 5% are lying, and 94% are saying nobody because the somebody is you.This is a true quote for most teen girls.

As a child I came across the term Fortnight in reading so damn often that I figured it out and now look for occasions to use it :p << yes.