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I grew up with a mother obsessed with indoor house plants and gardening in general . our home (inside and out) was filled with lush, bohemian greenery, macramé holders, potted maidenhair ferns (re…

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Sunroom - I definitely want one - or 2 - in my dream home.  One on each side of the house to maximize/minimize summer/winter sun!  Maybe 3 sides of the house....and make one an exercise room with hot tub.

I have been growing myrtle topiaries as houseplants for nearly 10 years. I favor the small leaf variety myrtus communis compacta, which i.

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DIY Compost Bins To Make For Your Homestead

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Keep mosquitoes from crashing the party by creating gorgeous mosquito repelling container arrangement that will keep pests away (and look attractive too!).

Plant a Mosquito-Repelling Container Garden to Protect Entertaining Spaces

Mosquito Repelling Container Garden Recipe - This recipe was created for a location that gets at least hours of sun a day. The plants will grow big and wild in the container, they will flower at different times, and have many different textures of fol