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„People have been trying to domesticate a ferret for two thousand years. It’s never been successful.“ Why should you manage to do it then? „I won’t. And that’s what I like about it.“

We met 55 years ago on a teen tour, and have been best friends ever since. What's her best quality? She's loyal. What's the toughest thing she's ever helped you through? I don't know if I should say this, but I'm going to. 14 years ago, I got lung cancer. Then 7 or 8 years ago, I got breast cancer. And now the lung cancer's back. I must have set record or something, because it was 14 years ago, but now it's back, and it's metastasized, and the prognosis is not good. She's doing good.

„My husband died in a car accident when I was forty years old. We had our lives in front of us. For some time after he died I had a feeling that my life had stopped. I stopped to talk, I was moving slowly, slowly pulling myself together. My husband used to be a managing director of a big company, I had been living only for the family until then. After a while I realized that there is no one for me to rely on anymore, that I need to take care of myself.“ „I knew that I shouldn’t be closed…

I went on a tour of Italy when I was younger, and when I saw The Coliseum in Rome, I said to myself: It doesn't look like I imagined. A stranger standing next to me thought I was talking to him. We got married exactly one year later.

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ღ Muktinath, Nepal - Along the Annapurna circuit, Nepal. 1991. By Devon Cummings::cM

We were laying in bed just the other night, looking at the ceiling, and I said: You know, it's been thirty years, and it's never felt worn. There's never been a sense of tiredness with you.