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I try to teach my students this all the time....or at least it means, "I'll try to never do it again!"

the problem with "i'm sorry" is that people forget that it also means ".

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Talkative Students

This was so me in school!My Dad would always ask me as a Kid and even now as a teacher if they didn't let me talk in school. Because I'd talk so much when I got home!

One of the hardest parts of life is deciding whether to walk away or try harder. | xiloveyouxlaura on Xanga

You want to "kind of" bang your head into a wall? As in, bang it just a little? Fake banging it? Is it "kind of" that, or is it that?

I don't consider this a "bro tip".  More like a truth that applies to everyone.

Brotips: Redefining The Bro, One Tip At A Time

Brotip - telling someone you're different doesn't work nearly as well as proving it.