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Tim Berg - Popsicles. I like this piece, due to it showing the sequence of an ice cream being eaten. I like the way the sculpture is on the wall.

Claes Oldenburg "Floor cake". Synthetic polymer paint and latex on canvas filled with foam rubber and cardboard boxes. 1962

Nice Ice: 6 Functional and Unique Ice Sculptures -

This is a modern art sculpture. It incorporates two different settings within another. The ice is piercing through the hardwood floor of the space.

Incredible Sculptures by Nazar Bilyk

Ukrainian artist Nazar Bilyk creates large scale sculptures exploring the interaction between man and the natural environment. "A woman encased in a block of ice or a man looking up with an enormous raindrop on his face. Nazar Bilyk has created these inspiring pieces using metal and fiberglass." More art on the grid via Feather of Me