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This is awesome! I want one know. I would wear a long sleeved shirt all the time, so people though I was controlling electronic devices WITH MY MIND!

from Consanguinamory

Ignorance and Idiocy; a match made in Hell

Oh dear, today we have yet another article in the overflowing bucket of hate levied against us. This moron doesn’t even try to explain WHY she believes that incest is wrong, she just repeated…

from HubPages

What Are The Advantages/Disadvantages of Making YouTube Videos

I hope to one day start my own YouTube channel and make awesome videos people will enjoy

this is one of my favourite sites, selling some of my favourite products. Apple - innovators of product and communications!

Norwegian Apple Cake - this is another one of those, "looks complicated but is actually pretty easy" recipes.

wondrous steve jobs (and all the amazing talented people who he ever partnered with!)
from Bit Rebels

Steve Jobs: Timeline Of A Visionary & Creative Genius [Infographic]

wondrous steve jobs (and all the amazing talented people who he ever partnered with!)

Why has no one realized? Moriarty, u are smart. I O U. You can't see the I or the U cuz there blacked out.

Instagram app for Apple and Google. This newer form of technology allows users to edit, share, and view photos and has come to rival Facebook and Twitter in popularity. This points toward the rising trend of instant communication through technology, as well as using technology to showcase one's creativity and daily lifestyle. Christina S.

from Popular Mechanics

iPhone 5s: Hands-On Review

iPhone 5s in silver, my latest phone after my HTC One M7 sadly died :(