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Astronaut Photographs Australia Like You've Never Seen It Before

Astronaut Scott Kelly Photographs Australia Like You've Never Seen It Before | ABC News

Cleaning in Space and Zero Gravity

Have you ever thought your cleaning duties are too difficult to deal with? Find out what would be like if you were an astronaut and living in zero gravity.

What time you can see the International Space Station in Wales

Astronaut Chris Hadfield took this picture of Wales when he was up in the International Space Station

The great myth of urban Britain

This is how the UK and Ireland look at night - photo taken from 230 miles above, in space, by an astronaut!

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SPACE TOPIC. Original Pin: A close-up of Astronaut John Grunsfeld shows the reflection of Astronaut Andrew Feustel, perched on the robotic arm and taking the photo. The pair teamed together on three of the five spacewalks during Servicing Mission 4 in May 2009.