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SFPD: Beware Of Ghost Scams


I’m confident that there is no choice, sin, or mistake that you or anyone else can make that will change His love for you or for them. Ronald A. Rasband #LDSConf #ElderRasband

Zashiki-warashi a Japanese Spirit - house spirits, fond of mischief who appear as a ghost-like five or six year old child. Believed to bring great fortune to those whose house it haunts.

San Luis Valley, Colorado Located in the southwest corner of Colorado, the San Luis Valley is a place with reported incidents involving not only UFOs but paranormal activity. Ghosts, "shadow people," unexplained lights, strange animals, and even flying humans has been rumored as well. Coincidentally, the valley is located close to a number of highly classified military installations.

A local paranormal group believe they have captured photographic evidence of a ghost in a Wisbech pub. Xstream Paranormal, which is made up of a group of ...

A bridge crosses Big Deer Creek northeast of Weatherford, Oklahoma at the intersection of Arapaho and Dead Women Roads. A site that looks somewhat serene today, however back on July 8th, 1905. It became the center of mystery and as it turned out later, murder when Katie DeWitt James and her 14 month old daughter disappeared. Katie was never to be seen again, alive anyway. Some believe her spirit still lingers near the spot where she met her demise. Read more>>

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Benjaman Kyle – L’uomo senza nome

Benjaman Kyle This is a fascinating story, I highly recommend you read it. Praying he finds his identity soon.