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A new me! Fitness motivation.

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Reasons to be fit :D

Reasons to be fit To feel those little droplets of sweat and be proud that you earned every single one.


Truth hurts sometimes but it is worth it! You are worth it!

letsgetcrazyfittoday:  canyouthrowlikeagirl:  5 Ideas to help boost your motivation. •Make a collage of your favorite things, goals and inspiration. Hang it somewhere you will see it every day before you walk out of your house. •Make a mixed CD of your power songs. (Some of mine include songs from Katy Perry and Fort Minor) •Set your phones alarm with random times and title them with motivational quotes. Example: “That’s right, looking good, now drink some water” (always makes me smile)…

An inspiration wall. Pictures of healthy food. End of goal bikini. A chart with current weight to goal weight. Cross off the the lost weight as you go. This is a very fantastic idea!

"I'm currently in training to be your hottest ex-girlfriend." I need a shirt that says this :)

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Weight lifting makes you look defined and lean, not huge

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One inch, one step, one mile, one.pound.at.a.time.

Take it one meal, one day, one pound at a time! I will not get discouraged over a one pound weight loss this time because it is one pound I will NEVER see again!