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In Photos: Debbie Harry's Punk Style

spent my youth trying to perfect this look

Bowie, 1975. MAN WHO FELL TO EARTH -- man, that was good. He shoulda acted more. But he liked to play with his friends in Berlin, and write songs, rather than the rigid schedule of film making. So much WAITING AROUND when making films.

HAAM - Health Alliance for Austin Musicians is a non-profit that assists Austin musician with health issues and getting insured

So true and it sucks how these wonderful musicians can be so overlooked because everyone complains how they can't understand what they're saying! Bitches, please! I don't understand a lick of rap and hip hop shit! This music is soooooo much better and has carries a lot of meaning and power. You will always have a special place in my heart all you metalcore/rock/hardcore musicians <3

The Strokes. Such a great concert! I loved every second of it. Perfection.

Austin Vintage Guitars is located in the heart of Austin, TX. We've been serving Austin musicians for over 10 years. AVG is also the home of Fulton Webb amplifiers. If you're in the Austin area come by and see us. Store Hours: Monday - Friday 11AM - 6PM central Saturday 11AM - 5PM central Location: 6555 Burnet Rd Austin, TX 78757 512-428-9100

He should be a example for others musicians.He cares and love his fans.He is always there for them.He just knows how to make things better.I have read so many stories like that and every one of them always brought tears to my eyes. what I love about him is his personality and his ability to be there for his fans and comfort them for whatever problem they're dealing with.He is a true inspiration.I truthfully respect him.

Arctic Monkeys - I'm going away until Saturday so I won't be able to post anything so see you all on Saturday!

Always remember that austin is there for you when you feel like no one cares. We are a family. We are here for each other. This is why we love austin. Not just for his looks.