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PATHETIC Craigslist (gigs) post for anti-Trump protest organized by a local church. Pay $50/day + $10/hr if you carry a "mean" sign about Trump. Encouraging blacks, Mexicans, women. Post is long but almost illiterate. States they are entitled to free benefits paid by tax payers!! Oh and church will pay for any arrests!

This is reminiscent of Hannah Arendt's book, Eichmann in Jerusalem. The theme is the banality of evil regarding government: that when governments are evil or do evil deeds, that evil is constructed and brought about in a banal way.

I TRY TO TELL PEOPLE ABOUT THIS AND THEY FLAT OUT SAY THEY DON'T BELIEVE IT. ... THIS IS FACT.... History is a vast early warning system. - Norman Cousins

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Obama may be thinking that finger...but he has way to much class to show it. Obama cares about this country and it's people...more than I can say for Donald Trump.