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This graphic gives a very good step-by-step for video production. One of the most important things to do when in video production is to plan well: think about lighting, sound, etc. before you start taking the video. This graphic also gives some statistics to illustrate why good video quality is important.

Business Video Production Guide and Tips

The Official 65 Step Film Production Checklist | How To Make A Movie

In this filmmaking article, LA producer shares his picks for the top filmmaking sites of

film production infographic - Stages & Hierarchy of Production

An awesome infographic to show exactly the stages of film production, as well as the hierarchy.

Jobs in the Entertainment Industry, A list of up to date job sites (last  updated Spring 2017) and advice on how to apply for film production jobs  online. Download the updated list below.  My experience applying to film jobs   It was 2008 when I first started to look for work in the fi

A list of film production job sites (Last updated aug 2017)

A list of places to find work online Production jobs , jobs in the entertainment industry

One of the best online communities for bettering your knowledge of video production, along with all media production.

Adding random Opacity to hundreds of layers - Direct your questions about Adobe After Expressions here. - Adobe After Effects Expressions Forum

There are thousands of websites out there for filmmakers both good & bad. Here is our list of the 37 best websites for filmmakers as picked by our students.

The Best Websites For Filmmakers: Directing, Cinematography, VFX, Screenwriting, And Much More!

Who's Who on a Movie Crew. Making a video can be a one person production but the more elaborate your ideas get, the more likely you'll need ...

Who Is Exactly Who on a Movie Set and What Do They Do?

Vimeo's Video School is an excellent source of advice on video production. The Vimeo Video School covers everything from lighting to acti.

6 Things I'm Doing to Write My Best Screenplay Ever This Year (And You Can Too!) by Christopher Boone

6 Things I'm Doing to Write My Best Screenplay Ever This Year (And You Can Too!)

rgrain - affordable realistic film grain plates for digital footage

A great call sheet template.  One or two page.  #Indiefilm #indiefilmmaker #indiefilmmaking

Download a Free Call Sheet Template to Get Your Film Crew on the Same Page