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Niall Horan

Awww, so cute, he has such a cute smile, and his face just lights up

hey, remember that plaid shirt that guy's wearing that almost killed every single person on the street?? yes!

This is the fifteen hundredth pin on my board of Niall, looking perfect as he sings, with an Irish flag on his mic

Niall Horan i love you so much. You dont even know =')

Niall Horan i love you so much. You dont even know =') and no words can describe how much I love you so I can't tell you how much you have saved my life Niall thank you

"Niall?"  "Yes princess?"  "I'm pregnant."  Niall: GIF<<< WHO DECIDED THAT THIS WAS OK??<< WHO. TELL ME WHO. HELPPPPPPPP MEEEEEE. OH MY GOD.

" i'm pregnant." niall: {gif} <<< this is literally PERFECTION. This is so not what happened in this gif.

Horan-Movie Premiere

This is us premiere. HD Wallpaper and background photos of This is us premiere for fans of Niall Horan images.


Roses {N.H} ✔

Niall Horan

Niall Horan Hair: One Direction Singer Reveals Why He Only Ever Does His Hair One Way - Twist