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On a hot summer day.

Cleanliness is way above godliness: Mothers say personal hygiene is most important thing in a child's upbringing

Como boa parte de vocês que acompanham o blog de perto já sabem,  Catarina foi um bebê que chorou muito, muito, muito mesmo. Quase fiquei louca nos primeir

Técnica para acalmar o bebê (imperdível, se você tem um recém-nascido)

This makes me think of one of my all time favorite kids books - Rain Babies! Im not sure why but it's bringing up a lot of fond memories!

Time to Chill? Egg-freezing Technology Offers Women a Chance to Extend Their Fertility – Vogue

can I get on of these to hang on the back on the bathroom door at work, so ppl will know who to blame

hilarious - saw a similar 1 a couple years ago at a flea market, had a pic of an ipod on the shirt along with the title.

 i swear if babies stayed this size forever i would have like 12

The most adorable thing on earth is this little baby. It's a little bit scary with those big eyes.

Buy one, get one free... not really how it works but still equally funny!

Twins--we want two of a kind--LOL Boys or girls.it is Your call LORD. Buy one, get one free Amber. "D" Gram Someone have twins so I can buy them these!