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"Australia postage stamp" I always seem to really like these kinds of stamp, the mono-coloured ink print kind of thing. I don't know why I find it so pleasing. But I do.

Lovely cover designs on victorian Yellowbacks from 1850—1900. From British Library via AbeBooks: /www.abebooks.com/books/rare-railway-library-routledge-london/victorian-yellowbacks.shtml?cm_ven=nl_cat=nl_pla=cme_yellowbacks_ite=find_more

complete letter writer for ladies and gentlemen ~domestic fashionable friendly and formal ~ domestic fashionable friendly and formal This book is wonderful, full of sample letters written in the sort of language you can't imagine...

Page from Mary Evelyn’s instructions on how to set up a household in London in 1675 (more vintage documents on this website)

This booklet was designed to explain to newly-liberated young flappers why they should vote and who they could choose (prior to 1928's Equal Franchise Act, only women over 30 could vote). At two shillings and sixpence, this is an expensive booklet, and is clearly aimed at wealthy, fashionable bright young things (to put it into perspective the average weekly wage for an average family was £1, 1 shilling, and 11 d[old pence] for a 50 hour six-day workweek [old money: 20 shillings=£1]) 1929…

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