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If you've been a performer, say, a musician, a comedian, a poet, a singer...then you have had at least one Gig From Hell.  In my fictional autobiography, CONFESSIONS OF AN HONEST MAN, I write of one such gig.  Did it really happen?  Quite possibly...1967:  South Haven, Michigan	The gig has “wrong” written all over it.  Zoot doesn't even have to go inside.  As soon as he parks the Continental and looks up at the club’s neon sign, he knows it is going to be a bad gig. “Jason’s L...

Summer is in full swing, and the Terminal Jazz Series has returned with it for This popular music event showcasing local, and regional Jazz musicians takes place every second Wednesday of each month throughout the summer.

Confessions Of An Honest Man, an Ebook by Art Rosch  Smashwords

“Confessions of an Honest Man” plays a boogie on the heart strings of readers

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"Hell On Wheels" is the name of the shanty town at the end of the railroad tracks. It's 1868 and The Union Pacific is spear-heading construction of the rails using teams of newly freed blacks and Irish laborers. The "town", a hodge podge of tents and important wooden buildings like the saloon, the casino and the whore house, get up and move every couple of months as the tracks continue their extension across Nebraska.  Coming East from California is the Central Pacific's railroad.  It...

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A conversation with God, a touch of Job, the Old Testament, this grizzled Jew brings it on in the twenty first century. Letting it all out; Oh Lor.