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Suman Malagkit with Coconut Caramel Sauce are Filipino rice cakes wrapped and cooked in banana leaves and drizzled with rich, creamy coconut caramel sauce

Biko - (Purple) gelatinous rice, coconut milk, sugar Steam 4 cups black and 4 cups white glutonous rice. Syrup coconut milk, salt, lemon rind and brown sugar in large wok. When small bubbles appear, gradually add rice. Mix, lower heat. Place in banana leaves to cool. Sprinkle with latik. Latik - stirfry grated fresh coconut, stirfry till only the residue is left.

This Filipino rice cake is famous for its 3-colored layers that satisfies any taste bud. Start your own business out of this recipe below.

Puto is a Filipino Steamed Cake that is always served during the holidays. It is a steamed sweet cake that is traditionally made from ground rice.

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