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17 Amazing Sea Creatures Spotted By NOAA

This striking deep-sea squid was photographed in what is called a “tuning fork” position, with each tentacle held rigid to catch its prey.

Freediving with Whalesharks - Bahía Concepción, Philippines

BUCKET LIST: Go scuba diving and get up close to marine life Freediving with Whalesharks by Phil Symonds

Pipe fish by Jonas Samuelsson, 1st Place Novice dSLR 2010

Winners announced in Ocean Art Underwater Photo Competition

Pipe Fish Jonas Samuelsson, Place, Novice dSLR "Close-up pipefish"

Sea Dragon with Full Tummy. So gnarly.

**~A variety of Sea Dragon (not a seahorse)~**(Comment below pic - "Looks like he ate two tiny scuba divers." Is this critter for real (w/orw/out scuba divers)?

Issue 183 of SCUBA News (ISSN 1476-8011) now up

Today's Amazing Woman is Diana Paboojian, diver, adventurer, and photographer extraordinaire!

Clearly cool

Translucent Goby Fish, Egypt Photo – Tobias Friedrich Two tiny gobies, neither of which is any bigger than an inch in the water near Marsa Alam, Egypt

The Kid should see this. Smart videos for curious minds of all ages.

Video: Researchers released stunning images of deep sea creatures, including some that don’t even have names

Dr Toon's Travels in the Aether

Octopus Eye - However underwater light has a polarized component which some octopuses can detect. When this light travels through the body of a transparent animal its polarization will be changed and the octopus can see that and capture the prey.

A submarine descending into fish

The Blue Grand Canyon

Camera sled Seirios encounters a school of squid while ROV Deep Discoverer investigates deepwater habitats off the Atlantic Coast.

Crown Tail

Crown Tail - photo by Andrew Williams. (I've got a red betta! Not a crown tail, just a regular tail.

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Hilarious Facts, Pictures, Quotes and Information at Internet: Squid - Amazing Sea Creature


Related to the jellyfish and corals, Siphonophore is a continuous chain of specialized polyps - individual animals that grow from one another in an organized colony. Some in the colony are devoted to feeding, armed with stinging cells to snag fish or in

Fugu polka dots fish

Pufferfish passing through. I am so excited to see this picture because I never knew puffer fish traveled in schools. Ive only ever seen them solitary.