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Addictions Counseling: A Practical Guide to Counseling People With Chemical and Other Addictions

Reading for class. But it's really good and really helpful.

Rory Gilmore' s reading list.--Once I'm done with classes in July I am definately working on this.

Character Feelings and Traits Anchor Chart

Worry Warriors:Help Kids Cope with Anxiety

from Shameless Book Club

Reading Makes Us Smarter

Don't you love it when a friend is trying to point out the obvious to you? They will begin a sentence with, I'm no Einstein but! or I'm no rocket scientist but! or I'm no brain surgeon but! Well I'm none of the above but! The obvious thing I'm pointing out is! Our Brain Loves Us. If you have had a life on mental difficulty like I did, and you have been nasty to your brain like I was. Then try loving your brain; then watch how those mental difficulties disappear. Worked for me. cheers Paul Ianni

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