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Set of 3 tentacles: small, medium, and large. horseflesh, via Etsy.

Set of 3 tentacles: small, medium, and large

For Orange Octopus! Set of 3 tentacles small medium and large by horseflesh on Etsy ♥★♥

Cute easy idea. Cover pool noodles with leggings. Stuff feet with socks & add shoes. Put in bush, pot, whatever & add broom!

DIY Halloween~ Oopsy Witch In The Pot! Pool Noodles, Mom's Old Shoes and Dollar Store Stockings make these Funny Witch Legs -- Try in a Planter or into the Ground by The Front Door.



Halloween approach is if you have not yet decided how to decorate your garden and exterior of your home, then this article on decorating Halloween can help. We tried to collect the best ideas for

For when the kids are much older. This is scary decorating.

How to Make Ghost Circle Yard Decorations

The Pink Pixie Forest: Lawn Ghost Re-Post - made with plastic paint drop cloths - need rebar posts to hold up ghost figures and paper to stuff for heads.

Glow sticks in plastic gloves...creepy

Latex gloves with glow sticks in your pond or pool make for a great outside Halloween decoration. If I HAD a pool or pond this would be cool!

Halloween Costume Ideas

Halloween Decor Ideas Poisonous Pet Vintage series Large - Just for halloween? Oh no, for me, that one small plant, off in the corner, just to be different.

Burying the bones!!  LOL

Halloween yard skeletons do yard work! (Hiding bodies in the yard is still yard work. It's work, and it's in the yard.