adapt for Christmas village

adapt for Christmas village

【Buyer’s Voice】陶芸作家・よしおかれいさんの工房を訪ねる。 | 北欧雑貨、北欧食器のネットショップ | 北欧、暮らしの道具店のブログ

【Buyer’s Voice】陶芸作家・よしおかれいさんの工房を訪ねる。

【Buyer’s Voice】陶芸作家・よしおかれいさんの工房を訪ねる。 | 北欧雑貨、北欧食器のネットショップ | 北欧、暮らしの道具店のブログ

abigail brown - paper mache masks Maschere di cartapesta per giocare con i nostri bambini!

abigail brown - paper mache masks life would be awesome the day all my colleagues wear such masks at work | Provence_1

GAULT Provence Houses Used to obsessively collect these charming houses. Every trip to France expanded my little village.

papier mache figure tutorial

(a simplier version of this with kids) papier mache figure tutorial: wire armature foot loop is screwed to wood block, figure shaped with aluminum foil, covered in newspaper, paper mache, then painted

Little miniature houses….they are so cute. Ofcourse houses and homes they are my passion so can I resist not buying these little ones??? The houses are handmade and created of scrap wood and shaped into little peaked houses.  They sure would look great in a home, so if you are hooked like I

miniature houses

wood wall art I really like this simple wall plaque. Probably made from wood scraps then wood burned to pickout the features. Abstract but very warm at the same time. That tree is brilliant. A fine piece of work ;

Painted wood with a hint of naif by Valériane Leblond | via

Paint on wood and houses by Val riane Leblond Painted wood with a hint of naif – Valériane Leblond


Polymer clay tag - this would make a cute zipper pull or embellishment for a bag - or even a gift tag! Clay for Kids

Faroe Islands Houses - little clay houses Iceland Norway Europe rustic mossy stone woodland cottage

Adorable mice hanging on to one another's hands.

Papier mâché - Ratrobats - these remind me of the circus mice in Coraline.