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Chinas central bank chief sounded the alarm over rising debt

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Ricky Wilson unveils new look as he makes show debut

By ek lad, what 'appened 'ere - a riot? Who cares, we like it! Ricky Wilson, lead singer with British band The Kaiser Chiefs gets a man-over for his role in The Voice.

100-50 BCE. Gold coin of the Parisii tribe of ancient Gaul found in the Île-de-France. The Parisii were a Celtic Iron Age people that lived on the banks of the river Seine from the middle of the 3rd C. BCE until the Roman era. "Paris" is derived from these Celts. The face derives from Greek sources, but the Celtic aesthetic toward distinct stylized abstract shapes is beautifully evident here. Cabinet des Médailles, France,

The Corporation by Fragged-Empire on DeviantArt

Cendrine Matthews had been chief of the Lost for nearly two hundred years, the best chief since before the Lost had been a gaggle of little boys living in trees. She was brilliant, fair, ruthless in a fight, and willing to turn a blind eye on her compatriots' darker occupations so long as it didn't result in the deaths of their own.

Character -- a winged girl who lives in an avian human society. her nose is shapely, the lines of her feathers crisp and clean, and she never seemed to put a foot wrong

Oil Firm DNO to Add Export Capacity from Northern Iraq -

Jet Fighter...F-15E with both drop tanks and conformals (according to my F-15 crew chief hubby, at that angle I had no chance of iding it!)

Culzean castle, Castle, Ayr, Scotland built in the 14th century photo by Ian Cameron


North Carolina: All things bright and beautiful

North Carolina Beaches | North Carolina's wild and unspoilt coast is one of the region's chief ...