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michelle with her poppop

"Where Did the Time Go?" When this doesn't keep you on track and you are stressing, take a minute to make a "Done List." Doing so is an Emotional Fitness Exercise.

This film is about a psycho killer who likes to play games and kill people who have done wrong in their life time.

Where Did the Time Go? | Values to Live By |

Did 2015 not go as planned as far as health and fitness?? Still where you were at last year at this time?? Still hoping and wishing for results??? 2016 is a new year!!! 365 new chances to lose weight & get fit !! Make 2016 different - blow those goals away!! Get the year started right and join our "New Year - New YOU" Challenge >> A year from you'll look back and "say I'm so happy I did this"

Aftershocks Rattle Italy

They are only servants to Almighty Gravity. They gladly let you down, air, and water; Earth treacherously turns into quicksands; Time turns people into lines of words On their tombstones, in most laconic case. Time shakes most of our believes, and concepts, And puts our trust and courage right next to childish naiveté. Time proves that there’s only Gravity to trust. You are as sound as Gravity to me. -- Vs.