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Strength vs. Fragility

Fashion collaboration project with photographer Yin Chao and Editor Ujin Zhao for Chinese fashion magazine Vision. These collages were inspired by the work of the late Lee Alexander McQueen for a special edition issue about the talented fashion designer. Ashkan Honarvar has incorporated various aspects of the designer’s work into this series, such as McQueen’s fascination with animals and motion, and the apparent contradiction between strength and fragility.

I ship them so hard! Their love is not out there for others to see. It just is. #SasuSaku

I ship them so hard! Their love is not out there for others to see. It just is. #SasuSaku

I did some more research into the knives Four threw at me. They are perfectly balanced. He so could have hit me if he wanted to.


100 Surreal Watercolor Art Pieces

100 Surreal Watercolor Art Pieces - From Stained Reflection Scenery to Bohemian Watercolor Art (TOPLIST)

No one is creative anymore! Like what makes you think I want to see the same thing every episode *glares at Fairytail*

SasukeSakura, don't ship it but Im pinning it because of Kakashi and Naruto xD <--But I ship it ^_^

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What Anime Show Should You Be In?

Which of these pictures best describes you?<<<I GOT FAIRY TAIL YAYAYAYAYAY

This would totally be me. My friends would've been like wtf?

There are two demon butlers fighting over my soul, one loves cats the other likes crochet and I was once licked by a slut with a star on his tongue who am I?